Benefits of Rejuvenation

What is Roof Rejuvenation?

Roof rejuvenation is a spray-on, innovative process that extends the life cycle of your asphalt shingled roof. By enhancing key performance properties, roofs can become more durable and environmentally-friendly, ensuring they stay on homes, and can extend the life of your shingles by 5+ years.

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Here are some key benefits of using Greener Shingles Roof Rejuvenation:

Reduced Wash-Off Material:

  • Shingles treated with Greener Shingles rejuvenator lose fewer granules and particulate material.
  • Performance Metrics: After 1,500 hours, treated shingles had 5.8 times less particulate wash-off than untreated ones

Oxidative Aging Control:

  • The rejuvenator significantly reduces oxidative aging in asphalt shingles.
  • Performance Metrics: After 1,500 hours, the oxidative aging in treated shingles was 3.9 times less than untreated ones.

Enhanced Flexibility & Granular Adhesion:

  • The rejuvenator increases the flexibility of shingles, improving durability.
  • Greener Shingles rejuvenator enhances the adhesion of granules on shingles by up to 86%, reducing granular loss.

How does the it work?

Asphalt roofs usually start showing signs of aging after 8-10 years depending on region and environmental conditions. Over time the shingle’s granular coating begins to deteriorate due to constant temperatures changes, direct sunlight, rain and other environmental factors. This can cause a chain reaction, leading to dry and cracking shingles, mold & moss growth, water leaks, and also a build-up of asphalt sediments in your gutters. This is where Greener Shingles Rejuvenation comes into play. Our rejuvenator works by restoring and preserving the essential oils within your asphalt shingles. The rejuvenator contains specialized compounds that penetrate deep into the shingle’s surface, replenishing the lost oils and restoring its structural integrity. By doing so, it reinforces the shingles’ ability to hold onto granules. This increases flexibility, resistance to wind, water and heat, thus enhancing their resilience and longevity. With each application, you can expect to add an impressive five years to the lifespan of your roof shingles, saving up to %85 of the cost of replacing your asphalt roof shingles!

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