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Are you worried about the quality of your roof and want to ensure it provides the greatest protection? Greener Shingles of Florida East Coast delivers quality roof rejuvenation for Brevard County and Indian River County. From roof cleaning to maintenance and repairs, we help your roof last longer and look great.

We don’t just offer great-looking roofs. We offer peace of mind.

What Is Roof Rejuvenation?

Roof rejuvenation involves fixing damage and addressing the effects of age on your roof. While it makes your roof look great, it’s more important to keep your home safe and free of damage. 

The process includes the following services and more:

  • Shingle rejuvenation: Sometimes, your roof only needs a new set of shingles. Whether we patch or fully replace your shingles, your roof gains a refreshed aesthetic and increased protection. Our greener shingles last longer and bestow greater protection against the elements.
  • Roof maintenance: During roof rejuvenation, we can perform routine maintenance to the other parts of your roof to ensure they don’t need repairs and estimate your roof’s remaining lifespan.
  • Roof repair: While your shingles are the most vulnerable part of your roof, other areas, such as structural supports, sometimes require repairs. An essential aspect of rejuvenating your roof includes repairing every critical piece.

The Benefits of Roof Restoration on Central Florida’s Space Coast

What are the benefits of roof rejuvenation in Brevard County and Indian County?

Cost Savings

In most cases, rejuvenating your roof simply requires a new roof coating, which proves significantly more affordable than a full replacement. In addition, because it prolongs how long your roof lasts, you’ll spend less money on future repairs and have more time to save up for the eventual replacement costs.

Extended Lifespan

Roof rejuvenation can extend your roof’s life between five and 15 years, depending on the amount and quality of the work and the state of your roof before the job. The most important aspect in determining how many years it adds to your roof’s lifespan stems from the quality of the shingles you install. At Greener Shingles, we use cutting-edge shingles with increased flexibility and durability to ensure the highest level of roof protection possible.

Faster Completion

Because it doesn’t require completely replacing the roof’s shingles, we can complete a roof rejuvenation much faster than a full replacement. You’ll also experience less noise, which means the process causes much less stress than other roofing jobs.

Insurance Compliance

We fine-tune our process to make the insurance approval process quick and easy. We maintain good relationships with local insurance providers. They trust our work and can quickly approve your new roof after we complete the job.

The Roof Rejuvenation Process

What happens when you hire Greener Shingles of Florida East Coast for a roof rejuvenation? We use the following steps:

  1. Inspection: We inspect every inch of your roof to determine which areas need attention and treatment. 
  2. Cleaning: We thoroughly clean your roof to remove all debris, dirt, and other accumulations that prevent us from properly treating your roof.
  3. Installation: We replace any damaged shingles and address any areas of damage that require repairs.
  4. Treatment: We seal the affected areas with special products to provide maximum protection.

The Best Roofing Company in Brevard County and Indian River County

If you want the best roof rejuvenation in Brevard County and Indian River County, Florida, you need Greener Shingles of Florida East Coast. With modern shingles and expert work, we extend the life of your roof and help it keep you safe.

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